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The Volair Life

Dance your way to your dream life!

Get weekly info and inspo to dance your way to the life you LOVE!

The Volair Life is...

a conscious, purpose-driven, love-led life of wholeness, authenticity, and bliss!

Your body is the way
to everything you dream and desire

Life is experienced through the body.

If you desire to feel more pleasure in life - more joy, peace, bliss - you can use movement to intentionally create that feeling in your body to develop familiarity that leads to safety and eventually to normalcy so that pleasure becomes your dominant experience in your life. 

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Pleased to meet you!

My name is Melanie, and I am the creator of Volair!

Ever since I was a kid, I've LOVED movement. As a participant, instructor, coach, and researcher, I have seen how movement can support people to thrive in life and I am committed to doing my part to create intentional spaces for people to explore movement and discover their unique path that leads to their wildest, most magical dreams and desires!

Our Services

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Design your dream life

This one-on-one 8-week coaching program will guide you through movement and reflective exercises to ground your dreams in reality by creating a personalized framework for your dream life to guide you as you transform your life! 

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