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How will you change if you never do anything differently?

Updated: May 31, 2023

When I first started my business, one of my goals was to have more time freedom - that's gotta be obvious if you know me well!

But the real reason I was so passionate about it was because I felt violated by the way fitness instructors were treated in the fitness industry.

It had nothing to do with the studio owners I worked for.

It was the fact that they followed the norms of the fitness industry and I hated that I loved teaching so much, and yet for me to teach and share my art AND make a living, I was left completely burnt out.

I was constantly sacrificing.

I wanted change.

So I opened Volair.


I brought all of my knowledge, beliefs, and habits about work with me and ended up in exactly the same situation.

I fell into the SAME systems as every other fitness studio and was left with that same feeling of violation.

To do what I loved, to share my passion, to help others discover their own joy through movement...

Meant I had to struggle.

I felt like I just needed to work harder until I made enough money or reached some level of clients or some level of success...

I really don't even know what I felt like I needed to achieve, but I believed that once I achieved it, my time would free up and everything would change.

It didn't.

And I realized that what I actually needed to do was shift my perspective.

I KNEW the system was broken.

I KNEW I needed to shift the way I ran my business.

I needed to expand my vision beyond and examine new solutions.

I started exploring new revenue streams - yes, at first every new revenue stream I explored required significant amounts of my time and effort…even the ones that felt like I was scaling my programs the way you’re “supposed to” (that was my comfort zone).

And then I realized that I needed something different.

I needed revenue streams that required minimal time and energy and would give me a big ROI. They had to align with my values, and with my relatively small audience.

I committed to being curious about different revenue streams for my business. It's been an uncomfortable process. I've explored opportunities I've never considered as possible before and even considered possibilities that I SWORE I would NEVER do.

I am so proud of myself for expanding and taking this step. I know I am on the right path, going in the right direction, though not at the final destination.

Your business won't change until you change the way you do business.

Your life won't change until you change the way you live it.

Will you commit to the same? Or will you commit to change?

I’ve run a workshop a couple of times now called ‘The Breakthrough Formula for Fitness Professionals’ which gives a framework for how you can release yourself from the defeating cycle of business growth. The framework is fully adaptable to YOU! Your intentions, desires, goals, values, and gifts. It has actually offered me a solution to my scalability-with-freedom business woes. I’m currently working on how to share that in a more accessible way for people with busy schedules who find it challenging to attend live workshops and will share it with you soon, so please check back or join our mailing list to hear when it’s released.

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