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Setting boundaries with LOVE

Boundaries are super important to ensure we are using our time, energy, and money in a way that best contributes to the life we desire -- that is, our vision.

After years, or perhaps close to a lifetime, of overgiving, setting boundaries can feel really challenging. It sometimes feels like if we set boundaries, we will risk losing the people and things that we love or rely on.

But, if you lose something that is blocking you from living your vision or dream, is it really a loss?

Setting boundaries can come and be communicated from a place of love. And boundaries can be completely life-changing!

Have a listen to this talk, or read the main take aways below.

A couple of the main take aways:

  1. Consider creating boundaries based on the criteria of ALIGNMENT rather than DESERVING. It helps keep you focused on your values, priorities, and vision rather than constantly judging people as deserving or not. Plus, I believe every piece of the universe is inherently worthy. So using alignment helps me stay true to this belief of mine too.

  2. Consider your ideas around fairness/equality/equity - are they preventing you from making a choice out of love or are they creating false boundaries based on some score that may (or may not) be somewhat arbitrary and meaningless

  3. Remember to communicate your boundaries, especially to those you love and/or work with. Clear communication will make it more likely that people will understand your intentions and respect your boundaries.

Since The Volair Life is all about conscious living, setting boundaries is important to be able to consciously curate a life that aligns with your vision. Boundaries at first may feel like walls to keep out unwanted or unaligned tasks, which is a great place to start. Eventually, boundaries become more of a porous filter that refine your life by filtering out the unaligned, but still allows for expansion. This is a wonderful end goal, which becomes much more natural after some practice!

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