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Your body is the everything you dream and desire!

What do you truly desire in life?

As a long-time fitness professional, some of the most common answers I’ve heard are:

  • Lose weight

  • Get fit

  • Get healthier

And since becoming an entrepreneur and hanging out with other business folks, I hear:

  • Make more money

  • Have more time

  • Attract more followers/leads/clients

But what does it REALLY mean? What do people REALLY want?

What do YOU really want? When we dig deeper, it almost always comes down to:


  • I want to lose weight because I believe that I’ll be happier when I am skinnier

  • I want to get fit so I’ll be more confident and have more endurance to do more of what I love

  • I want to be healthier because I want to enjoy more life

  • I want more money so I can have less stress and enjoy my business more

  • I want more time so I can enjoy more life

  • I want more clients so I can share my passion more

The majority of people that I interact with REALLY desire more pleasure in their life.

Yet -

In trying to achieve all the things they believe will bring them pleasure

  • Thinness, fitness, health, money, time, people…

They often do it in a way that is completely unpleasurable, for example through high intensity hustle motivated by shame, guilt, and a perceived need to “fix” themselves.

OR, they jump in all-or-nothing style and create such a huge change that occurs so quickly that it doesn’t become integrated and ends up being unsustainable (which then leads to feelings of failure, shame, guilt, perceived need to “fix” themselves…you see the pattern).


Your body is the way you experience your life.

Think about it:

When you are excited, how do you know?

It’s not because your mind tells you you’re excited…you feel that flutter in your stomach that sparkles right up through your heart and beams out in a smile.

When you feel grief?

Again, not through your mind, but through that crushing feeling in your chest that contracts your whole body forward and the feeling of heaviness that makes simple things feel hard.

What about peace?

It’s the feeling of calm, relaxation that spreads from the top of your head right through your chest and down to your toes.

What about stress?

Unfortunately many of us can’t actually feel much stress in our bodies anymore because it has become our normal. The tension, slouch, hyper-alertness, or maybe numbness. The clenched jaw, tight hips, back and shoulders, the overall tension and contraction.

It’s the feeling of hustle, the feeling of having too much to do and not being enough to do it all. The feeling of “is this really my life?”

And so, when you’ve dug deep past your surface level desires and realized that you REALLY desire pleasure (or whatever the feeling is that YOU truly desire)...

The way to get there is through your body.

Your body is the way.

You get there by noticing, focusing on, or intentionally creating moments of presence, pleasure and ease. Tuning in and creating safety, normalcy and familiarity in the feelings you desire to be dominant in your life.

Starting small and giving your body, your nervous system, the opportunity to acclimate and expand into the “new normal” of pleasure.

There are a TON of somatic practices that you can use to accomplish this.

At Volair, we use a combination of sensual movement and performance fitness.

Sensual movement to stimulate your senses and engage yourself in the present. To build trust and safety in being present and to create experiences where you feel more of your desired feelings (e.g. pleasure, peace, joy, etc) and get used to feeling them in your body and letting other things you may not want to feel so much be expressed and move along.

Performance fitness to challenge and expand you in an intentionally created environment that uses teaching and motivational techniques, feedback, progression, etc, grounded in pleasure, love, and peace.

Your body is your experience.

Your body is the way…

To the life you dream of and desire.


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